Roy Granville Holt MA. ARB.
An experienced British registered architect.
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Towering Heights: 114 Apartments with pool
Royal Cliff: 26 Cliff-top Apartments
St. Martins: 9 Luxury Apartments with pool
Mary Bell Court: 14 Apartments
Oak Grange: 14 Apartments
Sans Souci: 14 Apartments
Hazelhurst: 9 Apartments
Pyle Street: 16 Apartments & Restaurants
White Lion House: Grade 2* Listed Building
Chiswick: House with Basement Flat
Granada: 2 Luxury Houses
Merlin House: Offices
Station Court: Offices
Hedgerows: Offices
Shopping Malls & Art Galleries
St. Eugene de Mazenod:  Church
Jordan Hotel: Micro-Brewery

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0795 494 9964
e-mail me & I will call you back ASAP
Roy Granville Holt MA. ARB.
An experienced British registered architect.

Roy Granville Holt MA ARB: CV / Resume

Masters degree in Urban Design                                                                    (1995)
PGCE                      Post Grad. Cert. in Education - 'Art & Design' - at College & University        (1998)
PCPAS                    Post Grad. Cert. in Professional Practice                (Part 3)                           (1995)     
Dip.Arch                 Post Graduate Diploma in Architectural studies      (Part 2)                           (1995)    
BA.(hons.) Arch.    Bachelors’ degree with Hons. in Architecture          (Part 1)                          (1993)     
All Qualifications were gained at the University of Greenwich, London, England.

ARB                        Architects Registration Board UK.: Reg. No.: 060735E                  (1st Jan. 1996 - present)
RIBA                       Chartered by the Royal Institute of British Architects                      (1st Jan. 1996 - Dec.14)
On my return to England in 2016 I will be applying to re-join the RIBA.

I am skilled in both AutoCAD & Revit.

I have a humanist view of the built environment where architecture is the framework for human activity.


I am a British registered architect who gained considerable experience in North America but prefer to work within European Urbanity, Place-Specific Architecture, stone buildings and broad leafed trees.  I seek a permanent senior position as an architect, but am perfectly prepared to start on a short-term, temporary contract so we have time to get to know each other.  I do not want to choose, or be chosen on salary alone as I value interesting projects, pleasant colleagues and pleasant surroundings.

I have been a registered architect in Britain for over 20 years, working on building projects from 'Concept to Completion', including contract administration and both businesses and staff management.  However, I have 30 years of design, planning and construction experience on different building types and methods as I was an experienced architectural technologist prior to my registration on 1st January 1996.

·A skilled communicator using the English language in written, verbal and electronic formats.
·Conceptualize designs and develop details including materials, costs and construction schedules.
·Concept design and planning approvals at local level or appeals to central government.
·Consult with clients to determine the type, style and purpose of the project being considered.
·Carry out feasibility studies and developed concepts in detail to produce construction information
·Prepare sketches, models and presentation drawings for the clients’ approval.
·20 years of AutoCAD experience designing buildings and gaining planning and regulation/code approvals.
·Detail building design and construction working drawings for a variety of different structural methods.
·Prepare/supervise drawings, specifications & construction documents for contractors and trades-persons.
·Prepare information with AutoCAD, Revit, Word, Excel, Sketch-up and a web-site program called BlueVoda.
·Knowledge of Planning/Building Codes/Regulations and construction legislation in the UK and Canada.
·Produced Building Regulation compliant solutions with an eye on cost and ease of construction.
·Circulated & liaised over detailed information with fellow professionals, contractors and local authorities.
·Prepared and evaluated tender documentation and bids as well as assisting clients with building contract.
·Carried out risk assessments and provided Health and Safety documentation.
·Management of staff, time & business, client consultation and liaison with other professionals.
·Manage critical path programs and tight deadlines to procure buildings on time and on budget.
·Contracts administered and work inspected on projects of different sizes and scopes.
·Carried out project administration, site monitoring, answering of site queries and certification of payments
·Prepare, administer and certificate payments on construction contracts.
·Monitor activities on construction sites to ensure compliance with design and specification.

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9 Luxury Apartments with pool complex